Airush Diamond Bar 2017

4,990 kr inkl. moms

  • The most versatile bar on the market combining multi functionality with streamlined performance.
  • Reduced diameter ultra skinny grip.
  • Bombproof build, incredible attention to detail and reliability.

We looked closely at the specific needs of female kiters which led to the development of the Diamond Bar. Focusing on a more compact control setup with a smaller chicken loop and shorter trim line we were able to keep the depower strap easily within reach, which is absolutely critical for riding comfortably and safely.

Although the Diamond bar is smaller (42-48cm), this bar is designed around the Diamond Kite which responds perfectly to this size. A reduction in grip diameter that mimics the AP Bars grip size is extremely beneficial for those with smaller hands and ensures a more comfortable feeling while riding.


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Denna bommen ger dig som har kortare armar eller en kort överkropp möjligheten att nå bommen i alla vindhastigheter. Vi använder Diamond bommen även för barn i våra kitekurser.