Happy customers

More than 99% of our customers would recommend our kite school to their friends. That’s something we are very proud of.

Best conditions for kitesurfing

Some of the world’s most experienced kitesurfing instructors paired with a unique course layout, brand new gear and a wind warranty lets you focus on your development as a kitesurfer. Sweden’s only kite center with sauna, hot shower and dressing room also adds to the experience.

Kitesurfing with wind guaranteed

Kitesurfing is a wind-sport and some exercises require wind to be executed. If the wind would fail during your course we will continue on another day. That’s what we call Wind Warranty.

Free kite course

You get your coure fee as a discount when you buy your gear with us. Access to professional support on the beach, every day, all season is also something unique that we throw in with every sold package.


In 2013 we were the first kite school in Scandinavia to achieve the “IKO Affiliated Center”-status. That means we qualify to internationally high standards of safety and didactics in our kitesurfing courses. Our instructors are certified and all have CPR-training. We also have formal competence to train new instructors.

Let’s play it safe

You are always insured when you do a kite course with us. You can pay by invoice and always receive a receipt of your payment. To make you feel safe is our main goal.


Lomma Beach House AB

Org #: 556911-0512

Surf center: Badvägen 2, 234 34 Lomma

Invoicing: Emblavägen 37, 182 67 Djursholm

Booking & Center: 0733 700 415

Economy: 0736 700 300

E-mail: kontakt@kite.se

Facebook: kite.se






We do courses from April until October. Spring and fall are windiest. We do courses every day of the week. The beginner courses usually start at 09.00 and finish around 18.00.


Kite.se organize a few kitesurfing events each year, such as Kite JamÖresund Crossing and Downwinders to increase common knowledge and to give back to the awesome community. Kitesurfing is currently undergoing tremendous growth. We are more people and that requires a sense of responsibility. We at Kite.se try to pass a sense of responsibility and respect for the sport and other practitioners. Together we try to create a Swedish kite society imbued with humbleness, happiness and respect for our common interests.

The team

Erik Gibson


Tobias Schmid

Manager / Chief instructor

Truls Törnqvist

Kitchen manager

Maarten van Komen


Anton Schmitz

Senior Instructor

Malin Rapp

Girls Camp senior instructor

Pierre Stadigh

Web development

Sara Johansson


Kate Harding


Michael Roden

Market development

Gustav Svensson

Technician / Assistant instructor

Billie Svensson

Yoga instructor

Tim Holman


Gunnar Göransson


Jonas Gunderson


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Hitta hit

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