In a collaboration with Findwind, we have developed a service to track the current wind updates and the weekly wind forecast, to make it easy to find the best wind in Skåne.


This is our home playground where we have taught kitesurfing for over a decade and introduced the sport to thousands of students! The shallow waters, without tides, sea shells or rocks provide perfect conditions for learning to kitesurf. The westerly winds are generally consistent year-round and make this the ultimate kitesurfing spot that you often share with fellow kitesurfers.

The beach gets crowded easily during summer. Make sure to respect other people and stick to the designated kite zones.


On the occasions when we experience south-easterly winds, we change our kite spot to Lundåkrahamnen in Landskrona. With its shallow and flat water, this is a great spot for both beginners as well as advanced kite surfers.

The launch area is fairly small and can quickly get crowded. It is important that you know what you are doing and take into consideration other kiters. If in doubt, ask for help.


The Falsterbo peninsula is exposed to plenty of wind and provide great kitesurfing conditions. During easterly or north-easterly winds, we set off to Parkvägen for our kite lessons.

Be aware of dedicated surf zones as this is a popular beach amongst sunbathers, swimmers and kitesurfers. The launch and land area is small, be patient and careful.


Borrby strandbad is an incredible part of the southeast of Skåne with sandy beaches, shallow water and endless coastline. A few times each summer the wind blows from northeast, making Borrby a suitable spot for kitesurfing. There is plenty of space both on the beach and in the water. Remember to bring a picnic as the closest shop is a few kilometers away.

The water on the east coast is deeper, colder and can have a strong current. It is imperative to make sure to listen and follow the instructions given by your instructor.