We have kite equipment for all levels and abilities. From beginner friendly kites to hardcore wakestyle boards, winter boots and impact vests. Anything that you may require to have the best time on the water, at any time of the year. Navigate your way round the webshop by clicking on the boxes below or use the main menu at the top of the page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Our most popular kite package deal will save you both time and money. It includes a full kite set up with kite, bar, lines and board. Not only does it set you up with everything you need, it also allows us to guarantee that you are getting equipment that is designed to be used together with unrivaled performance. If you have taken your kitecourse with us, up to 3990 kr of your course price will be deducted when you buy your kite package from us, and you will already be familiar with the equipment.

We have kites for all abilities of kitesurfing as well as for snowkiting. When you have just started learning, knowing what equipment to get can feel rather overwhelming. Even advanced riders sometimes require guidance and recommendations. Feel free to pop over or contact us for a personal chat!

Kiteboards come in many shapes and sizes and should be chosen based on weight or kitesurf style. A heavier board is more duarble, which can come handy if you are a beginner or kitesurf with boots and often experience hard landings. A lighter board is better suited for those that enjoy jumping, and during lighter wind.

A good wetsuit for kitesurfing keeps you warm whilst also being comfortable and flexible. Neoprene is the leading material on the wetsuit market and is mainly used in two different varities, single-lined or double-lined. Double lined neoprene has an added knitted lining to both sides of the wetsuit panels. It provides a stronger, more durable material, yet, absorbs water which makes it colder. The single-lined neoprene lets water droplets run down faster without being absorbed in the lining, which protects you against windchill and makes the material warmer than double-lined neoprene. However, this material needs to be handled with more care as it is easier to damage.

Complete your kite set up with our harness, bars, kite pumps or other safety equipment. We have plenty of accessories that suit both kitesrfing and snowkiting. Get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you would like to pop into our shop in Lomma.

Nothing beats being gifted an experience. Give someone you love the opportunity to explore the outdoors whilst learning new, and addictive, skills on the water. We offer gift vouchers for all our kite courses. You can also pick an amount of your choice that can be used towards courses. private lessons or equipment. Give your friend, partner, parent or child an experience they’ll never forget. Perfect for the adrenaline junkie that just can’t get enough, or someone eager to try something new. Have they tried before? A gift voucher can help them progress further or invest in a new kite!