When you know what you want

You’ll get ready to get your own gear and continue with kitesurfing on your own after the course.

During the course you will have plenty of time to practice kitesurfing with an experienced instructor by your side. If you really want to learn kitesurfing, this is the way to go.

Ride takes place during two days. You choose your starting date when you make your booking. The course will be held if there are two or more students. During low season (spring and fall) there are mailnly courses during weekends. During the summer we have courses starting every day.

Four sessions of 2,5hrs each.

Here’s an example of some of the stuff we usually do during the course.*:

  • Spotcheck – how to choose the proper kite spot
  • Wind theory
  • Safe and practical rigging
  • Walkthrough of safety system
  • Starting and landing
  • Hand signals
  • Flight excercises with the kite
  • Independent waterstart
  • Bodydrag
  • Board start – get up and ride your first few metres on the board
  • Right of way rules
  • Ride further – we’ll teach you the proper riding positions
  • Go upwind – edge the board to go upwind
  • Turn – if you are up and riding we will show you how to make a proper turn.

* These are mainly guidelines. The actual contents of your cours may vary.

All equipment is included in the course.


Our most popular course

More than 2000 students have completed the Ride course throughout the years. It is one of the most thorough and tested beginners courses in Sweden where more than 95% of participants are recommending it to their friends.

Become independent

The goal after completion is to be able to come to the beach with your own kitesurfing gear ang go out kiting. But never go alone, always bring a kite buddy!

Course for free

It’s important to have proper education before kitesurfing by yourself. You get the whole course fee back if you buy a kite package after the course. It’s the most generous beginner discount in Sweden, please compare us!

Group dicount

Bring your friends and get 10% off if you are more than 4 people booking at the same time.