Rent the latest gear right on the beach

Once you’ve completed a kite course with us you are eligible to rent kite gear. If you heve not completed a course with us, but are an experienced rider you have the option to do 30 minutes “qualification” with one of our instructors who will evaluate your level of riding. He or she then decides if you have enough experience to rent.

All equipment are the latest models.


  • Komplett kiteutrustning – 790kr/dag
  • Kite m bom och linor – 700kr/dag
  • Kitebräda – 300kr/dag
  • Racebräda – 200kr/h
  • Våtdräkt/Sele/Flytväst – 80kr/st/dag
  • Hjälm – 20kr/dag

Komplett utrustning består av: Kite, bom, linor, pump, bräda, våtdräkt, sele, leash, hjälm och flytväst

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