Learn from a pro

Get the aid and service you need to take your riding to the next level. Your instructor will adapt the exercises to your level.

All gear is included during the course.

Cost: 695 SEK/hour for 1 person, 1095 SEK/hour for 2 persons.

A Private class is perfect when you

  • have done a course befor but need a little bit of extra attention to get going again.
  • have bought your new gear and want to make sure it’s all set up correctly. We’ll show you how your new safety system works.
  • want to learn your first tricks, such ass back roll, front roll or maybe a railey.
  • are missing height in your big airs. We have all the tips to take you to new heights and boost your hangtime.
  • want to learn to ride strapless.
  • want to try a race board and learn the techniques behind course racing.
  • are a child and need extra attention as well as dedicated equipment and didactics.
  • have other needs that are best accommodated by a private instructor.

Custom fit

Your instructor will tailor the course to fit your needs and efficiently reach your goals.

Intense action

During a private lesson the focus will be 100% on you and your riding. If you are an intermediate to advanced rider the instructor will usually ride by your side and show you the maneuvers and give you live coaching as you ride.

Radio helmets

We use radio helmets during our private lessons so that the instructor can communicate with you even when you are up and riding. This provides a very efficient method of teaching and a possibility to correct errors immediately.

Suits everyone

A private hour will boost your riding independent of your level. You can also choose a day when the wind conditions are perfect to really get the most of the time on the water.