Join us on an unforgettable kite adventure to north Brazil. From Fortaleza we travel 130 km south to the smaller village Parajuru, with barely any crowds and consistent wind between 7-12 m/s every day. Season: Autumn

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One of the world’s best lagoons!


World class waves!


Cape Town is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! Pumping waves and consistent wind makes this your go-to destination during our winter months. Suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers wishing to ride some seriously good waves or improve jumping! Season: Winter

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Get ready to experience the ultimate kitesurfing adventure with us: a private boat cruise on Egypt’s Red Sea! Glassy water, pristine kite conditions and incredible sunset sessions make this a trip you will never forget. Consistent wind, turqoise water, delicious food and great company. Season: Spring

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Fabulous turqoise flatwater!


Breathtaking adventures in the desert!


The perfect way to kick-start your kite season!
We are returning to Dahkla’s kitesurfing paradise and invite you to join our adventure! Dahkla is one of the windiest spots in the world with an estimate of 340 windy days of the year.
Dahkla is a small fishing village located on a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara desert. This little gem is offering both a large lagoon for flatwater kiting, as well as some seriously good spots for riding waves. Season: Spring

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